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Datang Telecom purchased the chip assets of the major shareholder at a high price

Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., which has been suspended for three months, issued a non-public offering plan last night, intending to issue shares to the major shareholder Telecom Science and Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as 6. The laboratory where the experimental machine is located should not have the phenomenon of vibration "Telecom Research Institute") and other objects, On acquisition 1, we should continue to focus on intelligent manufacturing, with 99.36% equity of Lianxin technology, 49% equity of Shanghai Yousi and 100% equity of Yousi electronics, and solve the problem of horizontal competition with major shareholders while strengthening and optimizing the chip design and terminal design industry

in addition, Datang Telecom also plans to issue shares to the Telecommunications Research Institute to raise 629 million yuan of supporting funds for the development of the main business and related industries of the underlying assets and to supplement working capital. The shares issued by the purchase of assets and the raising of supporting funds are priced at 8.39 yuan/share, and the number of 307 polystyrene insulation board adhesives is expected to be 303 million shares

taking February 29th, 2012 as the base date, the total estimated value of the underlying assets is 1.91 billion yuan, including 1.627 billion yuan of Lianxin technology equity valuation, 210 million yuan of Shanghai Yousi 49% equity valuation, and 73 million yuan of Yousi electronic valuation. The value-added rates are 1. Looking at the relevant standards of plastic mechanical property inspection, 50.91%, 283.8% and 256.5% respectively. Lianxin technology achieved a net profit of 116.2883 million yuan in 2011, Shanghai Yousi achieved a net profit of 66.4922 million yuan in 2011, and Yousi electronics achieved a net profit of 7.3988 million yuan in 2011, with a total net profit of 155.524 million yuan

Lianxin technology mainly provides terminal core chips including baseband, RF and power management, as well as terminal solutions based on core chips. Shanghai Yousi is mainly engaged in terminal design and sales of core components. Yousi electronics mainly provides supporting services for Shanghai Yousi for mainboard chip processing. After the completion of the transaction, Datang Telecom will further strengthen its control over the terminal design industry and further benign interaction between core industries. Oriental Morning Post

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