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Czech proton and Skoda electric signed an agreement to develop a fuel cell electric public fatigue testing machine is a high-tech equipment delivery

Czech proton and Skoda electric signed an agreement to develop a fuel cell electric bus

2019/3/18 12:48:15

on the day when the R & D center of jinlilian Si in Nanjing was put into operation, proton of the Czech Republic and Skoda electric signed a letter of intent, The purpose is to use Proton's modular hyrange ® System cooperation, development, sales and service of fuel cell electric buses

the first batch of prototype passenger cars should initially realize the operation of European bus operators in the first quarter of 2020, with an initial target of at least 10

proton CEO n what is the relationship between mold size and plastic shrinkage? Dr Ahab commented, "we are very happy to cooperate with Skoda electric company, which further confirms the demand for the hyrange application of proton."

hydrogen cloud chain "Li Jianbo commented: Europe is gradually accelerating the development of the hydrogen fuel cell market, and many countries are stepping up their layout. It is more and more urgent to accelerate the development of fuel cell technology and seize the commanding height of the future market

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