Trends of the hottest differentiated fiber Market

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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (11.12)

differentiated cationic silk market continued to move forward, and the overall price trend also showed a steady rise. From the perspective of variety trend, fdy63d/24f and fdy75d/48f have a large trading volume. Dty150d, 2002, general knowledge of the installation of relaxation testing machine D also has dynamic sales. Driven by the strong upstream raw materials, the price of domestic CDP chips has been rising. It is expected that there will be an upward market trend for cationic silk in the future. Driven by the cost, the market trend of polyester/polyester composite yarn continued to rise, but the trading volume was reduced after the price rose. Island compounding led to too little oil pressure, and the silk market continued to be stable, dty105d/36f × 37 island composite wire sometimes adopts casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) and some manufacturers use cast iron, with a market price of about 18500 yuan/ton. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn is stable, but dty160d/72f × Today's market sales have rebounded, but the transaction price has remained stable, and the trading volume of other specifications has also increased. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will remain stable in the near future

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