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Problems in the selection and use of garment CAD

according to some phenomena we have seen in the sales of Fuyi garment CAD in recent years, we sort them out for you, hoping to help garment enterprises better purchase and use garment CAD system and cam system

computer aided design system (CAD) is favored in the clothing industry because of its convenience, quickness, practicality, beauty and accuracy. However, the popularity of CAD is 60-70% in the clothing industry in Europe and the United States, while the popularity of CAD in China is less than 6%. According to some phenomena we have seen in the sales of Fuyi garment CAD in recent years, I hope it can be helpful for garment enterprises to better purchase and use garment CAD system and cam system

since the comprehensive price reduction in the computer industry and the reduction in the price of clothing CAD software in 1999, the management of the clothing industry has met the impact test requirements of safety interlayer for construction. Managers have also begun to seek to change the increasingly difficult business situation of the company through the improvement of design and housing technology. The vicious price competition in the garment industry has made many garment enterprises only able to make a living, and many bosses also hope to help enterprises tide over the difficulties by using garment CAD systems. Can the use of clothing CAD system bring the company back to life? When some garment enterprises lack understanding of garment CAD system, they rush to buy Garment CAD system, and the result is conceivable. Coupled with some foreign garment CAD systems blindly purchased by some large domestic garment enterprises under the state-owned planning system, some garment cad/cam systems are still covered with cloth and placed in some well-known garment enterprise rooms due to personnel, training, maintenance and other reasons. For various reasons, many people in garment enterprises are skeptical of garment CAD, which makes the promotion and popularization of garment CAD/CAM more difficult

the above problems and puzzles are due to the fact that most garment enterprises do not have a comprehensive understanding of the use of garment CAD and do not choose their own system according to the actual situation of their own factories. When purchasing clothing CAD, they only consider the price factor according to the one-sided introduction of the salesperson and presenter of the clothing CAD system, do not consider the economic and technical strength of domestic developers and agents of foreign products, do not consider many factors such as repair, maintenance, training and other services, but focus on the existing functions and prices of the software, which makes some clothing enterprises happy when purchasing, After using it for a period of time, I feel depressed

as for the matters that should be paid attention to in the purchase and use of garment CAD by garment enterprises, I want to explain my point of view from several aspects, which is only for the reference of garment enterprise decision-makers:

1. The use of garment CAD by enterprises is a "top-level" project

whether garment enterprises purchase and use garment CAD well or not has a great relationship with the general manager of the company. Only when the person in charge of the enterprise pays attention to it, can the company's clothing CAD system be used well. After an enterprise purchases clothing CAD, it can't simply hand it over to the edition room to solve the problem. It needs to make adjustments in the company's personnel arrangement, production process adjustment, personnel structure of the edition room, etc. in order to meet the new requirements after adding equipment. Only the top decision-maker of the company pays attention to it personally, can the garment CAD system be fully integrated into the production process of the company, so that the garment CAD can give full play to the best benefits

2, "what is easy to use is a good system"

when choosing a garment CAD system, garment enterprises should carefully consider and choose from many sources. Due to blind procurement, many enterprises cannot use the garment CAD system after purchase, which is a great blow to garment enterprises. Professor wenlisheng, chief engineer of China National Garment Group, once said, "what is easy to use is a good system. Don't blindly worship foreign systems". We should choose clothing CAD systems and equipment suppliers that are easy to understand, easy to operate and timely serve according to the quality of enterprise personnel, so as to maximize the return on the investment of the enterprise

3. There should be a long-term plan for the use of garment CAD system

If garment enterprises want to make good use of garment CAD system, they should have a long-term arrangement and plan. We should consider the factors such as personnel training, equipment selection, and the time to increase equipment, which should be arranged by the company in a unified manner, and we should not give up because of temporary difficulties. We have a user 7, d/a, a/d converter in Fuyi. In 1997, we bought a set of clothing sample opening, coding and layout system of a foreign brand. At the beginning, it was not very good, but the boss of the enterprise did not give up. After a period of understanding, in April, 2000, the boss bought 10 sets of Fuyi clothing sample opening, grading and nesting systems, and trained a group of users of clothing CAD systems from existing employees. After about a year of development, the factory has nearly 30 sets of clothing CAD systems. The factory has finished, and the weights can be moved on the ruler, which completely eliminates the previous work of manually making paper samples, placing weights and discharging materials, and greatly improves the work efficiency. In the past, there were two discharge platforms in the edition room with more than 10 people accounting for more than 400 square meters. Now there is no trace of discharge platforms. More than 400 square meters of order management, printing, grading and nesting are all completed by computers, which increases the efficiency of the company's production and saves the work site. Now the enterprise is more confident in using garment CAD and computer management system. They are also ready to add computer automatic cutting machine (CAM)

4. It is necessary to have a correct understanding of the use of garment CAD system

some garment enterprises lack a correct understanding of the use of garment CAD. After the enterprise purchased the clothing CAD software, the corresponding other equipment (digitizer and plotter) has not been purchased. In fact, the system has not been officially put into use. I think it is different from the habits of my own factory. I think that if I want to use clothing CAD, I must change the current working mode, so I don't use it. They think that the use of clothing CAD system is too troublesome. In fact, only by mastering any new product or technology can we realize the advantages of using it. If enterprises want to make good use of garment CAD system, they have higher requirements for garment enterprise managers, garment designers and garment technologists. Only when enterprises make good use of it, can they bring rich profits to garment enterprises

5. Garment enterprises should have high-quality talent training plans

according to our understanding, some garment enterprises do not have training and training plans for design and process personnel. Some enterprises have cultivated new people who have achieved effective CO2 capture and efficient transformation, and may soon leave the company, which makes the boss of the clothing enterprise very sad and will not train new people from now on. But if it goes on like this, only the fate of the enterprise can be handed over to the existing teachers in the factory. They also refuse to learn and use new technology for some reasons, thinking that they are the most reliable to do it by hand, and they can still do it without a garment CAD system

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