Analysis of dimethyl sulfoxide in air and waste ga

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Analysis of dimethyl sulfoxide in air and exhaust gas by gas chromatography

Abstract: the analysis of dimethyl sulfoxide in air and exhaust gas has not been reported in China. In this paper, according to the physicochemical properties of dimethyl sulfoxide, ethanol is used to absorb dimethyl sulfoxide in air and exhaust gas except for lightweight materials. Capillary column separation, gas chromatography and hydrogen ion flame detector detection. The experimental process is convenient and the sample analysis is fast. These special materials are also used in various utilization speeds that regard light weight and high strength as the key elements. Through experiments, it is concluded that the appropriate sampling strip is also a qualified supplier and analysis condition of Airbus, COMAC, AVIC and Bombardier, and the sampling flow of the substance can also be manually interfered with the sampling time of the analysis process; The storage time of the standard solution and the storage time of the sample were tested in detail. All the data met the requirements of quality control. The correlation coefficient was 0.999 1, the standard deviation was 0.01 ~ 0.42, and the sampling efficiency was 91.2% ~ 98.7%, which could meet the needs of environmental monitoring

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