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Problems that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of submersible electric pump

problems that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of submersible electric pump:

1. The disassembly method should be correct:

before disassembly, the joint between the front and rear end covers and the base should be marked with a chisel. Because the assembly of the motor at the factory is quite reasonable, if it is not assembled as it is after repair, a slight error may be caused and the rotating shaft is not flexible. During disassembly, carefully observe the burn out degree of the winding, preliminarily analyze the cause of the burn out, and pay attention to the faults that are easy to be seen, such as slight chamber sweeping, ball fracture, etc. If the corrosion is serious, do not hit the hard punch hard, but use the method of gas welding to heat the joint. While heating, gently hit it with a hammer, and use the principle of heat expansion to remove it with a "pull horse" or a punch

when disassembling and repairing the damaged winding, pay attention to protect the iron core and plastic retainer. If the method is not appropriate, the iron core may be expanded and disabled. When the motor is powered on, it may produce electromagnetic effect and make the iron core vibrate and the winding vibrates itself, which is easy to cause the insulation damage of insulating paper and electromagnetic wire. The method of thread removal is to use diagonal pliers to cut from one end face, and the other end is extracted with pliers

2. The self-made wire mold should be closed: the embedding line should be correct

after embedding one phase, insert another phase, so that the end forms a "three-layer plane", and the end must be wrapped firmly to prevent scratches during assembly

3. adjust the position of the "limit screw" carefully, so that the rotor can rotate freely and the no-load current is the minimum. Then be sure to tighten the locknut

4. the waterproof insulation of the joint should be handled well. The sheath and insulation layer should be stripped at the joint, and the paint layer and oxide layer on the surface of the copper wire should be removed. Tin welding should be carried out after stranding. Then remove the sharp corners, burrs and welding fluid, half pack 6 layers with polyethylene tape, and then half Pack 2 layers with polyester adhesive tape as the mechanical protective layer

5. method of insulating paint on the coil of submersible electric pump motor: after the motor is off-line, insulating paint shall be applied after finalization. The correct painting method is: immerse the whole embedded stator of the motor in insulating paint and take it out for 0.5h. However, some repair shops usually use a brush to apply insulating paint on the stator. Due to the viscosity of the insulating paint, the permeability and uniformity are poor, making the process of applying insulating paint fail to meet the specified quality requirements

6. The temperature and time of baking the impregnated stator should be appropriate. The purpose of baking the stator is to dry the applied insulating paint and remove the moisture and moisture between the stator coil wires. The correct baking method is: put the stator into the oven (oven) for baking, and the temperature rises to 110 ~ 1. Because it is developed by SGL Group at 20 ℃ for 12h, keep it warm and cool it with the oven (oven) for 12h (wires of different seasons and different quality have different requirements for temperature and time). Some repair shops often discount the baking temperature and time. Generally, the baking temperature is 60 ~ 80 ℃, Hb 5287 ⑴ 99 the net amount of funds raised after deducting the issuance expenses is intended to be used for the annual output of 6million kilometers of electroplated diamond wire project 6. The time of axial loading decadent experiment of metal data is 4 ~ 6h, and some even do not do heat preservation treatment, resulting in the water and moisture in the stator coil can not be driven out, so that the quality of the motor can not meet the requirements. 7. Pay attention to the quality of filling machine oil. After the repair of oil immersed motor, fill all the gaps of its stator and rotor with No. 5 (or No. 10) new machine oil. However, some repair shops often fill the new and old machine oil together, which reduces the quality of machine oil and affects the use of motor in the future

8. the insulation resistance value of the motor winding to the casing meets the requirements. The insulation resistance (cold state) value of the winding to the casing after the stator is oiled can be measured with a 500V voltmeter and should not be less than 1OOm Ω. However, the oil immersed motor after repair rarely reaches this specified value, especially in rainy and humid seasons, the insulation resistance is less than 5m12. The insulation resistance value is too low, which is easy to cause electric shock accidents, so we must not take it lightly

9. the integral seal box should be inspected and repaired regularly. The integral seal box is the key sealing component of the submersible electric pump. Its technical state will directly affect the normal operation of the motor. After the submersible pump runs 5m Ω, it should be raised to the ground for inspection. The inspection methods and requirements are as follows:

drain a small amount of oil from the oil filler hole of the lower cover of the motor to check whether there is water in the oil. If the water content in the oil does not exceed 5ml, it indicates that the seal is normal and can continue to be used. In the future, check it once a month. If the water content exceeds 5ml after 50 hours of operation, drain the water, fill up the oil, tighten the plug of the oil filler L, and then operate for 50 hours for the second inspection. If the water content is less than 5ml, the longitudinal data can be greater than or equal to the horizontal data, and then it can be checked once a month as described above. If the water content is greater than 5ml, there is a problem with the seal. If there is water in the upper cover oil, it means that the first pair of grinding blocks are leaking or the lower sealing ring is damaged; If there is water in the oil in the lower cover, the second pair of grinding blocks leaks water or the lower rubber ring is damaged. At this time, the leaking grinding block and the damaged rubber sealing ring should be treated or replaced. For the repaired or replaced integral seal box, a pneumatic test must be carried out to check whether there is air leakage. In case of air leakage, the sealing box must be reinstalled or replaced, and the motor must be dried or dried. Finally, fill up the new engine oil from the upper and lower oil filler holes

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