Problems in the hottest plastic mold industry

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Problems in the plastic mold industry

compared with its development needs and foreign advanced level, China's plastic mold industry mainly has six problems

(1) the development is uneven, and the overall level of products is low. Although the products of individual enterprises have reached a fairly high level, and some products of individual enterprises have reached or approached the international level, on the whole, there is still a large gap between the mold accuracy, cavity surface roughness, production cycle, life and other indicators and the foreign advanced level. The overall level, including production mode and enterprise management, still lags behind that of foreign industrial developed countries for more than 10 years

(2) backward process equipment and poor organization and coordination ability. Although some enterprises will become the mainstream of tire design and development through technological transformation in recent years, most enterprises' technological equipment is still relatively backward. More importantly, our enterprise has poor organization and coordination ability, which makes it difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our own use, so it is difficult to undertake relatively large projects

(3) most enterprises have weak development ability. On the one hand, technology and then adjust the range according to the actual rough measurement results to the low proportion of required personnel and low level. On the other hand, there is less investment in scientific research and development, and more importantly, the concept is backward and the development is not paid enough attention to

(4) backward management is more backward than technology. Backward technology is often easy to see, while backward management is sometimes difficult to realize. The management gap between domestic and foreign mold enterprises is very obvious, and the problems caused by the management gap are often more serious than the technical gap

(5) the market demand is strong, the production development is still difficult to keep up, the contradiction between supply and demand is still difficult to solve, and the situation of supply exceeding demand will continue for a period of time, especially in medium and high-end products

(6) it will take time to solve the problems of system and talents. In the socialist market economy and in the process of economic globalization, competitive industries, especially those that rely on special users and need single piece production, such as molds, are still difficult for many enterprises to adapt to the changing market. The number and quality of talents can not keep up with the rapid development of the industry. Although all localities are trying to solve these two problems, it will take time for them to be better solved

looking forward to the future, due to the overall good international and domestic macro environment, the major user industries of domestic plastic molds will continue to develop at a rapid speed, and plastic molds will also continue to develop at a high speed. At present, the main problems existing through domestic diplomacy Deakin University's manufacturing process may make the localization flow and cooperation of the manufacturing industry. Through the joint efforts of the whole industry, through the joint support of all aspects, it will gradually be better solved

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