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Tongling vigorously develops the copper industry, and its main business income may exceed 200billion yuan in the year.

in recent years, Tongling, known as the "ancient copper capital and contemporary copper base of China", has continuously improved the primacy of the copper industry and the traction to drive the development of the whole city. In 2014, the main business income of the copper industry in the city is expected to exceed 200billion yuan. Due to the technical requirements of "building a city with copper" and "prospering the city with copper", the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always adhered to the development strategy. In recent years, Tongling, known as the ancient copper capital of China and the contemporary copper base, has been continuously improving the primacy of the copper industry, increasing the traction to drive the development of the whole city, and constantly moving towards the goal of the world copper capital: to become a national demonstration base for new industrialization (copper and copper processing) and a pilot base for national patent industrialization (copper deep processing); Tongling Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. and Jingda Co., Ltd., as well as international famous brands such as Tongguan and Jingda; Tongling Nonferrous metal enterprise technology center, the first national copper professional quality inspection center in China, and the national copper lead zinc and products quality supervision and inspection center; The national industry portal "China's copper industry" was launched; Anhui copper commodity market, the first large-scale professional market dealing in copper series commodities in China, with the average value taken as the hardness value of the test piece; The national import waste management Park has been basically completed. This series of gold lettered signboards has established the leading position of our copper industry in the national industry, and also laid a solid foundation for our city to build the world copper capital

nowadays, Tongling's copper industry has a high level of equipment and process technology, the mining equipment is first-class in the country, the copper smelting technology is at the international advanced level, and the production equipment and process level of major copper processing products such as copper strip, copper alloy rod, copper rod, special electromagnetic wire are all in the leading position in the country, forming a series of copper processing products including mining, beneficiation, smelting, copper processing, copper disassembly, copper trade, copper equipment manufacturing A complete industrial chain of copper culture. In particular, the copper processing industry chain tends to be improved, and the copper based new material industry has begun to take shape with a rich variety of products. The main products include 15 categories, including copper strip, copper bar, copper rod, copper foil, copper tube, electromagnetic wire, cable, copper clad laminate, integrated circuit lead frame, LED bracket, printed circuit board, copper based alloy material, copper water meter, copper hardware, copper handicrafts, etc., with an annual total processing capacity of more than 1.2 million tons

in recent years, Tongling has vigorously implemented the 100 billion industry leading project, and the comprehensive strength of the copper industry has been further improved. As a number of key projects such as the 400000 ton non-ferrous double flash copper smelting project have basically reached production capacity, the annual production capacity of electrolytic copper has reached 1.35 million tons, which is leading in China. In 2013, copper and copper processing enterprises above the scale of the copper industry achieved a total industrial output value of 129.28 billion yuan and an industrial added value of 32.96 billion yuan, accounting for 72.3% of the added value of industries above the scale of the city. In 2014, the main business income of the copper industry in the city is expected to exceed 200billion yuan

while the project plays its role, the product output has reached a higher level, and the backbone enterprises have continued to grow. After the total main business income of the copper industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, Tongling Nonferrous Metals became the first enterprise with an annual main business income of more than 100 billion yuan in our province. The annual output of electrolytic copper and copper processing products in our city both exceeded the million ton mark for the first time. Among them, the output of electrolytic copper reached 1.021 million tons, and the output of copper processing products reached 1.046 million tons. Through the implementation of the ten billion yuan enterprise service plan, the backbone enterprises in the copper industry have achieved sustained, healthy and rapid development. The growth rate of main business income of nonferrous metals, Quanwei and Jingda, which exceed 10 billion yuan, is more than double digits

the platform construction has been steadily promoted, special policies have been implemented, and the transformation and upgrading have achieved remarkable results. The whole city has implemented the "Tongling plan for accelerating the construction of industrial transformation and upgrading platform", and the construction of various platforms has made positive progress. Anhui Kaiyuan metal recycling Industrial Park Phase I project has been completed and has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of environmental protection; The feasibility study report of the comprehensive bonded zone officially declared that the delivery warehouse of copper futures was under construction, Tongling cultural and creative center was established, and a number of copper industry projects such as international non-ferrous metal logistics park, wuzhu Technology Co., Ltd. PCB project, Xin'an electrical circuit board project, tongxinde wire and cable project were settled in our city. In addition, the construction of platforms such as the Engineering Laboratory of copper based materials and their processing technology, the customs transfer of seven types of imported wastes, and the second phase of the national copper lead zinc quality inspection center are also in orderly progress. Support was given to 44 declared projects in 2012, with a total support fund of 29.874 million yuan, which effectively supported and encouraged the development of enterprises. In 2013, the total output value of the city's copper based new materials industry was 39.3 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6% year-on-year, accounting for 30.4% of the total output value of the whole copper industry and 22.1% of the total output value of industries above Designated Size, an increase of 1.7 percentage points year-on-year

looking forward to the future, Tongling Copper industry will continue to take structural adjustment and optimization as the main line, focus on improving the independent innovation ability of the industry, strengthen resource control, strengthen the advantages of copper smelting, firmly grasp the opportunity of national development of strategic emerging industries, and focus on the detailed design of all parts of the mold after the mold structure is confirmed, and expand the development of copper rods (wires, cables), PCBs, copper strips, copper rods, copper tubes, copper powder Expand the industrial chain of copper intensive and deep processing, such as copper artworks. Finally, industry insiders said that the development of electronic information industry, equipment manufacturing industry, chemical industry and other related industries of copper industry, the improvement and development of circular economy, copper dismantling industry, producer services and other supporting industries of copper industry, and build Tongling into China's largest copper smelting base, copper dismantling base, copper based new material industrial base, copper commodity trading center and copper culture center, Committed to building the copper capital of the world

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