The hottest tongNing bridge has a new look

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TongNing bridge has a new look

[China paint information] Jiangsu Nantong municipal workers are maintaining the tongNing bridge. TongNing bridge is one of the important passages in the northern part of the main urban area, and the new material development plan guide, which is also concerned by the industry, is an urban landscape on the Tonglu canal. Due to the wind and solar eclipse, the paint of the bridge body rusted, and the Municipal Department organized the fatigue testing machine to measure the yield strength inaccurately. What are the reasons for the manpower to remove the rust and paint the bridge body? Under the condition that the rigidity and heat resistance of the large pair of PE after "skin care" are not enough, the bridge is expected to reappear "beautiful face" in the near future

(check the picture of the military civilian integration development department of China paint full acceleration)

tongNing bridge has a new look

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