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IOT: a sharp weapon to open up a new path of environmental protection

IOT is considered to be another technological revolution after the Internet, which once attracted widespread attention at home and abroad. The environmental protection department has widely used sensors, RFID and other related technologies in the construction of key pollution source automatic monitoring, environmental quality monitoring and other systems for more than a decade. Therefore, the field of environmental protection is recognized by the industry as one of the earliest applications of IOT technology

at present, all parts of the country have achieved preliminary results in the application and construction of environmental protection IOT, such as automatic monitoring of pollution sources and environmental quality monitoring. With the promotion of the government and the active participation of enterprises, a relatively complete IOT industrial chain for environmental protection has been gradually formed. However, due to various subjective and objective reasons, there is still a need for continuous improvement and improvement in the organization and management, system operation, data application and other aspects of the construction project of environmental IOT application

the national environmental protection IOT application system has initially taken shape

at the end of the 20th century, after China launched sensor research, the environmental protection field has begun the preliminary application of RFID and other technologies as one of the application pilot fields

in 2007, the central government allocated 2billion yuan of funds for the construction of three major systems of pollution reduction indicators, monitoring and assessment, the installation of automatic pollution source monitoring equipment in about 7000 key pollutant discharge units, and the construction of national, provincial (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government), and municipal pollution source monitoring centers in parallel, Thus, the automatic monitoring equipment for pollution sources, silcotech company, has also expanded the pollution emission data of key pollution sources controlled by the state monitored by the North American business team to be timely transmitted to the three-level monitoring center, so as to provide a basis for sewage charges, sewage law enforcement, sewage treatment, and support for environmental emergency and emission reduction decisions

in 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to accelerate the development of IOT and establish a Chinese perception center. The importance of IOT technology has become more prominent and has become an important part of the strategic emerging industry that the country focuses on developing

nationwide, Jiangsu Province clearly proposes to focus on the development of IOT as a strategic emerging industry, establish a research and development center of IOT in Wuxi and a technological innovation alliance of sensing industry in Changzhou, and focus on the construction of two industrial support areas, Suzhou and Nanjing, to provide support and services for the development of IOT industry in Jiangsu Province; Shanxi Province first proposed to build the largest provincial environmental protection IOT in China, and invested more than 1billion yuan to build the provincial environmental monitoring and automatic pollution source monitoring system; In addition, Chengdu, Wuxi and Shandong have been rated as national environmental protection IOT demonstration city and demonstration province according to UL94 standard. Advanced technologies and concepts such as IOT have been gradually promoted and applied in environmental protection work in various provinces and cities. With the continuous maturity of IOT technology and the continuous expansion of application scale, a national environmental protection IOT application system integrating monitoring, monitoring, monitoring and supervision has initially taken shape

promote the upgrading of environmental management in multiple directions

at present, it has become the consensus of the government and society to carry out the research and construction of IOT. In the field of environmental protection, the construction of IOT application has become an important means to cultivate and develop strategic new environmental protection industries and promote the upgrading of environmental management, which is of great and far-reaching significance to promote the development of environmental protection in China

pollutants such as chemical oxygen demand, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides have been incorporated into the 12th Five Year Plan as binding indicators. Through the application of IOT technology, improving the existing system, integrating information resources, and realizing the effective monitoring, statistics and assessment of these environmental protection indicator systems, we can further improve the accuracy of environmental quality monitoring data, enhance the monitoring effect of pollution sources, and effectively improve the ability of environmental supervision, Promote the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals. At the same time, the application and construction of environmental IOT can further promote the establishment of environmental emergency management system

in addition, through the IOT technology, the environmental factors such as water, gas, sound, soil and ecology, especially the dangers of nuclear and radiation, hazardous wastes, medical wastes, etc. 1 Manual clamping is mainly used for all-round monitoring and comprehensive and effective supervision of single arm and double arm models, so as to accurately warn all kinds of environmental emergencies, comprehensively reflect the status and trends of environmental risks and quality, realize early warning and prediction, emergency preparedness, emergency command and response and post event management of sudden environmental risks, and form the whole process management of environmental risk emergency, Become an effective guarantee to prevent environmental risks

at the same time, we should apply IOT to build a comprehensive monitoring and monitoring system for environmental quality and pollution factors, increase and enrich environmental information data through real-time monitoring, process monitoring, data analysis, decision support and other means, ensure the authenticity and timeliness of environmental data, save management costs, improve traditional management methods, and provide important support for scientific decision-making of environmental management. Through the wide application of technologies such as automatic monitoring of pollution sources and environmental monitoring, the transformation of environmental management concepts, methods, systems and mechanisms can be promoted. The dynamic force of hardness value can be directly read on the instigation table, so as to realize the effective control of pollution and the effective protection of the environment with the help of technical means, and improve the level and efficiency of environmental protection management

in addition, how to supervise the pollutant discharge enterprises to reach the standard and supervise the long-term stable and normal operation of their pollution control facilities has always been a game between environmental protection departments and pollutant discharge enterprises. The pollution source automatic monitoring system can monitor the pollution discharge status of enterprises in real time around the clock, which can timely capture the illegal pollution discharge behavior of enterprises exceeding the standard and exceeding the quantity, obtain evidence and punish them, safeguard the seriousness of the law, greatly curb the enterprises' illegal emission ranking, force enterprises to consciously adjust the operation status of production and environmental protection treatment facilities, enhance the awareness of abiding by the law, and improve the environmental management level of enterprises

with the deepening application of IOT, the main body of environmental supervision has expanded from simple government supervision to the joint supervision of government supervision, enterprise supervision and the public. Through the data collected by the monitoring system, the government regularly announces the emission information of enterprises, which not only alerts enterprises, but also indirectly plays the role of public participation and public opinion of the media, forming a broader and more comprehensive supervision system, so as to further promote the governance of pollution and the improvement of environmental quality

optimizing top-level design is the premise

although the results are remarkable, there are still some problems in the application and industrial development of relevant technologies of environmental IOT, which directly affect the development of environmental IOT, mainly manifested in insufficient understanding of environmental IOT, lack of top-level design, technology development and management mechanism, mismatching of application capabilities, urgent improvement of data accuracy and effectiveness, lack of talents, etc, Therefore, effective strategies are needed to promote the solution of these problems

first of all, scientific and effective top-level design is the basic premise for the success of the application and construction of environmental protection IOT. Through scientific top-level design, accurately determine the scope of environmental protection IOT application construction, grasp the construction focus, avoid repeated construction, plan the construction task and implementation path in detail, raise the top-level design to the height of decision-making, and ensure the implementation of top-level design, which is the basis for the success of environmental protection IOT application construction

with the rapid development of information technology, new technologies and concepts such as cloud computing, IOT, smart earth and perception of China continue to emerge, providing new impetus for the development of environmental protection and environmental information construction. The application and construction of environmental protection IOT needs to pay close attention to the new trends and challenges of information technology development, actively grasp the new opportunities brought by new technology, conduct in-depth research, plan ahead, form new core competitiveness, and grasp the initiative of future development

therefore, the construction of environmental IOT applications must carefully choose investment strategies, solutions and construction modes, pay attention to investment benefits, avoid risks, and ensure the sustainable development of informatization. The construction of environmental IOT application should be carried out in stages, modules and steps; The investment of construction funds should be planned and phased according to the development situation to ensure the effect of construction and operation. The specific measures to avoid the risks of informatization construction are as follows: first, the support of experts and consulting agencies is needed. The competent department of environmental IOT application construction should formulate the strategy of environmental IOT application construction with the help and organization of the third-party consulting agency, and determine the construction content and strategy according to the requirements of the unified planning of environmental IOT application construction and the specific conditions of different stages and different application systems, This is the key to the success of the project; Second, it enterprises at home and abroad should be invited to bid extensively to fully compare various solutions and choose mature and scalable products to ensure the sustainable development of environmental protection IOT. Third, when making decisions on the construction of environmental protection IOT application, we should fully consider the operation strategy in the later stage of construction, and choose which construction and operation mode is more suitable for the actual situation of construction, so as to obtain a real competitive advantage

in addition, establishing unified data standards and standardizing information transmission interfaces, data calculation methods, transmission modes, processing methods, etc. are very important to improve data quality and effectiveness. It is necessary to improve the corresponding technical specifications, improve the operation and maintenance and management standards of the system, study and develop a set of specifications and standards from on-site installation, operation and maintenance, implementation, management to the management and maintenance of the monitoring center, and promote them, such as formulating different industries or different types of pollution, guiding principles for instrument selection, formulating a mandatory inspection system after the installation of environmental monitoring instruments Laws and regulations such as the discrimination procedure of administrative punishment and the validity discrimination of excessive alarm data. By standardizing the operation and maintenance management assessment system, improve the effectiveness and authority of environmental automatic monitoring data, and promote the development of environmental automatic monitoring technology

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