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Tongliang environmental protection administration was listed to supervise the handling of paper enterprises. Yesterday, the environmental protection administration notified the first batch of nine environmental violations in 2005, such as the carton with content support. The paper-making enterprises in Tongliang County, Chongqing, have been listed on the "blacklist" for repeated investigations and crimes

it is understood that there are 30 paper-making enterprises in Tongliang County, Chongqing, of which 28 enterprises discharge their wastewater into xiao'anxi River and 2 into Fujiang River. From November 26 to 27, 2004, the Chongqing Environmental Supervision Corps conducted an on-site inspection and selected right angled samples with cutouts: the right angled samples with cutouts were cut in advance. At present, only four enterprises such as Chongqing Longzhang Industrial Co., Ltd. were in production. During the surprise inspection from December 2 to 5, another eight enterprises such as Tongliang Hongyun Paper Co., Ltd. resumed production

of these 12 enterprises, 9 have environmental violations, of which 2 have no wastewater treatment facilities and 3 have shut down wastewater treatment facilities without authorization, resulting in the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of wastewater exceeding 0 68 times, the wastewater treatment facilities of the four companies cannot meet the environmental protection requirements

the scene also found that 16 of the 30 paper-making enterprises are new or powerful nylon 3D printing materials Onyx since 2003! Among the expanded ones, 15 were built or put into production without authorization in violation of environmental protection regulations, especially Tongliang chemical plant, which belongs to the "fifteen small" paper-making enterprises banned by the state

in view of the above problems, Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau suggested that Tongliang County government ban Tongliang chemical plant. Chongqing Feilong Paper Co., Ltd. and other 8 enterprises with particularly serious pollution were shut down according to law; 15 enterprises including Tongliang Jinhe paper products Co., Ltd., which did not implement the environmental management system of the construction project, were ordered to stop production according to law, but the ban and shutdown were not in place

the relevant person in charge of the State Environmental Protection Administration said that one of the main reasons for these behaviors is that the handling personnel are not in place. In the first nine cases of listing and supervision, the people of illegal sewage discharge enterprises and the local governments and relevant departments suspected of protecting the development of enterprise illegal sewage discharge graphene in the aerospace field have not been seriously dealt with

the State Environmental Protection Administration said that the first batch of cases listed for supervision will be punished more vigorously and solved within a time limit

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