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Weekly report: the peak season characteristics of flat glass are obvious, and the production capacity is accelerating release


price dynamics: this week, the rise in the domestic float glass original market continued. Zhuochuang information data showed that the average price of float glass this week was 15, and the replacement fixture was fast and convenient at 81.86 yuan/ton, up 23.4 yuan/ton, or 1.5% from last week

North China market: Shahe market is in short supply, and most manufacturers have increased prices for two rounds, with a cumulative increase of about 2 yuan/weight box

East China market: the trend is also upward, with most manufacturers raising yuan/weight box

central China market: slightly warmer than the previous period, more goods are sold to other places, and some enterprises began to explore the market with a small rise

South China market: the rise slowed down slightly, but the upward trend did not change, and some manufacturers increased yuan/weight box

southwest market: large stable and small dynamic. Due to high local prices, there are more inflow of foreign goods

Northeast market: after the Northeast conference, most enterprises in Northeast China and Beijing Tianjin Tangshan responded to the conference by raising yuan/weight box

northwest market: steady growth, strong demand, and short-term market trend is still upward

inventory change: this week's inventory was 27.26 million heavy boxes, down 1.37% year-on-year and 0.07% month on month

the inventory removal time has remained near the historical average since November 2011. The historical average is 0.47 months

production line and capacity

capacity change: one ignition production line and one production line changed this week in September

effective capacity: the effective capacity of the total production line was 973.9068 million heavy containers, up 3.02% month on month compared with the beginning of August

prices of soda ash, fuel oil and natural gas: the price of soda ash (heavy) in East China was 1400 yuan/ton, up 1.82% year on year, unchanged month on month. The 180CST price of fuel oil Shanghai futures was 4560 yuan/ton, down 1.09% year-on-year and flat month on month

glass industry investment strategy: it is still difficult to have trend opportunities in the short term

at present, it is the peak season of glass consumption demand, mainly driven by the northern market. The peak season of the northern glass market is short and concentrated, which can generally continue to the middle and late October; The year-on-year growth rate of glass production in August remained at a high of 15.67%; However, the current price has risen to a high level, and we judge that the pressure on the price to continue to rise significantly is increasing. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that the glass production capacity of soybean oil tires has accelerated since June, of which the net new output energy in a single month in August hit a record high. For the off-season at the end of the year, China Zhongwang, a representative of China's high-end manufacturing enterprises and a leader in the global aluminum processing industry, has great supply pressure. In terms of the properties of cyclical products, glass stocks are more backward than cement. Usually, after the cement stock market ferments, glass stocks start. Based on the judgment that the bottom of the flat glass industry has been established and is expected to rise slowly in the future, maintain the "overweight" rating of the flat glass industry. The contents of the article, such as cartons with content support, are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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