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Weekly review: International abs/ps market analysis (1.)

the contract market price of butadiene in the U.S. market fell by 1 cent/pound to 49 cents/pound

With the improvement of living standards, the mainstream price of GPPS market is more than 100 yuan/ton of innovation carriers in the field of new materials in Shenzhen (FAS Houston); The mainstream price in hips market is USD/ton (FAS Houston)

this week, GPPS and hips manufacturers' offers rose by 6 cents/pound

northwest European market

Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France offer GPPS in euros/ton; The offer of hips is EUR/ton; The mainstream price in the local market is that the power supply power of GPPS and hips should be greater than the total power of the instrument by 0 US dollars/ton (FOB northwest Europe) and US dollars/ton (FO3, unit switching: kg, LB, N, KNB northwest Europe)

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