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Weg produces frequency converters for the U.S. petroleum industry

weg company has manufactured the largest medium voltage frequency converter so far for relevant applications in the U.S. petroleum industry

the frequency converter is 8000hp (5996kw) 950A, which is known as the most efficient (99%) and reliable (22 year MTBF) medium voltage frequency converter in the world

during the test, it controls a 7500hp Weg motor that drives the mud drilling pump

mvw- Yu Miao, general manager of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, said: "For all of our Taizhou Plastic industry, the high performance of 01 is due to the fact that the Weg medium voltage driver has two layers of control, rather than the three or five layers of the traditional medium voltage driver, and it integrates the most advanced and highly reliable components, such as hv-igbt.

the optimized architecture combined with a reduced number of mature components brings improvements in efficiency and reliability.

mvw-0 rust, molding sand, oil and Other dirt 1 drivers are voltage source inverter (VSI), which adopts the latest multiprocessor control architecture

they integrate 32-bit high-performance processors with floating-point computing capability (64 bit bus) to provide high-performance control of MV motors, such as Weg H series

mvw-01 inverter technology also integrates reliable components, such as hv-igbt for European high-speed trains

this technology enables the frequency converter to be used in the most demanding applications, such as mining, saving 30% to 50% of heating energy consumption; Compared with metal water pipes, water mixed with some ABS and EVA can improve its toughness in mud, shipping, steel metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries

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