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[ABS weekly review] ABS encountered Waterloo, and it is difficult to find the bottom of the market.

I. this week's market (October 6-october 10):

this week, the ABS warehouse receipt market was in a continuous downward trend. By the end of the weekend, the ABS warehouse receipt index had closed at 1283.66 points, down 39.07 points from last Friday. The specific trend of the week is as follows:

on Monday, China plastics ABS warehouse receipts opened low and went high, and the market was stable and tended to fall. In response to the development challenge of convenient and sustainable plastic packaging in the second quarter of the week, the ABS warehouse receipts of China Plastics fell as a whole, the market trading was cold, and the transaction was limited on March 18. Warehouse receipts continued to fall on Wednesday, and it was difficult to escape the weak situation. On Thursday, the trading atmosphere in the ABS warehouse receipt market remained weak, market demand was sluggish, and buyers were mainly on the sidelines. The market as a whole did not improve on Friday. The actual trading volume increased compared with the previous trading day, and the order volume decreased compared with the previous trading day. Warehouse orders fell steadily on Saturday, with fewer inquiries. Warehouse receipts rose and fell on Sunday, and the market as a whole was mainly stable, with few quotations. By the end of the weekend, the total number of transactions was 8, 11 less than last week; The order volume on Friday was 17 batches, 13 fewer than last week. HDPE and PVC were not traded. The detailed transaction data of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

ABS warehouse receipt transaction on this Sunday (ton)

ABS warehouse receipt order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease




300 ↓



11 ↓

the rotation of the force measuring pointer will slow down 17


13 ↓




580 ↓

II. Comprehensive analysis:

from the daily K-line chart of the index, The physical center of gravity continued to fall, the trading volume fell sharply, and the two-day limit was unlimited. The weekly K-line shows that the entity receives a shadow short negative line this week, and the KDJ index shows that the opening of the three lines is downward, with an accelerated expansion trend. By Friday, the settlement price of the main variety ab0812 was 15000 yuan/ton, falling by the limit, and the market was closed indefinitely

crude oil price: crude oil futures plummeted, and intraday requirements were also the most stringent, falling to the lowest level in 10 months. At the close of trading on Friday, WTI was at $86.59/barrel, down $7.38 from last Friday; Brent closed at $82.66 per barrel on Friday, down $7.90 per barrel from last Friday

at present, the overall atmosphere of the market is relatively dull. Affected by the continuous weakness of the upstream market and the sluggish downstream demand, domestic petrochemical enterprises are under increasing pressure to reduce prices, coupled with poor sales and an increase in inventory, which has led some enterprises to successively reduce factory prices, thus driving market prices down. However, in view of the lack of overall resources in the market, which still plays a certain supporting role in the market, the overall market decline is limited. It is expected that the weakness of ABS market will not be improved in the short term, and the market may also decline slightly

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