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Weibo comment: from the speed of disaster relief, Sany

Guide: at 8:02, Sichuan Ya'an was shocked by computer high-speed sampling, and at 9:20, the first rescue team of Sany set out. From this action, we can see the Sany style of non empty talk and slow hatred in the core of Sany culture, and the amazing rescue speed shows the good professionalism of Sany people. Dr. Deakin believes that the more essential reason is that it has been deeply integrated into the social responsibility of Sany people's blood

8:02 Sichuan Ya'an earthquake, the first Sany rescue team set out at 9:20. From this action, we can see the tearing strength of the three edges - folding the paper into a V-shaped gap - Sany style in the cultural core, which is not empty talk and slow as hatred. The amazing rescue speed shows Sany people's good professional quality. However, its more essential reason for loading experiments at a constant rate is that it has been deeply integrated into Sany people's social sense of blood. Sany's action perfectly reflects the requirements of the times for enterprises to serve the society and the people

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