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[HDPE weekly review] the market is expected to rebound after the market atmosphere warms up

I. this week's market (July 23 to July 27):

this week's HDPE warehouse receipt performance is still 20 ~ 77hr45n, and the overall performance is a slight upward trend, with the weekly K line closing at short Yang. The market atmosphere has warmed up, and both volumes have increased, but the overall situation is still sluggish, traders' wait-and-see mentality remains, and the market atmosphere is unspeakably active. By the end of the weekend, the HDPE warehouse receipt index had closed at 977.78 points, up 2.02 points year-on-year

on Monday, HDPE warehouse orders opened short and low, and the strength of the buyer was strong, pushing up all the way. In the early stage, it fluctuated upward in a narrow range, and the situation in the middle and rear markets was stable, and the market finally closed up. HDPE warehouse orders opened slightly lower on Tuesday, with the buyer's low support in the early stage, pushing up all the way. The middle and rear price fluctuated in a narrow range and went flat. The late price fell to the late price due to the seller's counterattack. Affected by the sharp decline of crude oil on Wednesday, HDPE warehouse orders opened sharply lower. Due to the active buyers and strong support, the disk fluctuated upward in a narrow range, and the mid and rear index extended horizontally to the end. On Thursday, HDPE warehouse orders opened higher and went higher. The buyers in the middle and front markets were eager to recover their losses. The index rose all the way, and fell slightly. The buyers in the middle and rear markets supported the high level, and the index moved horizontally to the end. HDPE warehouse receipts were also suppressed on Friday, opening low and going high, and the vertical management of the whole market. The buyer's role in supporting the market was obvious, and it quickly rose at the opening. Due to the reduction of trading volume in the mid and late market, the role of the buyer and the seller was not obvious, and the market fluctuated flat to the end of the market. By the end of the weekend, the total turnover was 970 tons, a significant increase over last week. The order on Friday was 315 tons, an increase of 55 tons over last Friday; The transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

average daily transaction of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

total order quantity of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

current weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

current week

last week

increase and decrease

current weekend

last Friday

increase and decrease




16 ↑



50 ↑



55 ↑




35 ↑

second, comprehensive analysis:

from the daily K-line chart of the index, the K-line combination entity this week is five consecutive Yang, The market is basically high and volatile. By the end of the week, the K-line entity closed out the short positive line entity, and the market maintained the situation of confrontation between buyers and sellers. Both sides were mainly on the sidelines, and it was possible to continue to consolidate in a narrow range in the future market. The MACD smooth moving average dif line is above the DEA line, the red column appears, and the future market is confused. The KDJ index falls in the overbought area and has a trend to continue to fall; This week, the opening of the Bollinger line is parallel, the price line runs between the middle and upper rails, and the price line extends horizontally. From the perspective of various technical indicators, this market belongs to the shock consolidation market, and the short-term operation of the trading order is the main one. If the HDPE warehouse receipt is well coordinated with the fundamentals, it is more likely to maintain the shock

in terms of news, crude oil was in a high consolidation stage this week and fell. By the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil was 77.02 yuan/barrel, up 1% from the same period last week 45 yuan/barrel; Brent crude oil was $76.26/barrel, down $1.38 from the same period last week. In terms of spot goods, the domestic HDPE market was stable and small this week, and the transaction was weak. The market of injection molding/wire drawing materials is generally stable, with individual small fluctuations; High level consolidation of film materials; The trend of hollow materials is stable. At present, the overall demand of HDPE market is still not ideal, mainly because downstream factories are still wait-and-see and lack enthusiasm to enter the market. In addition, due to doubts about Sinopec's follow-up price policy, most traders are mainly risk averse and steady, so their enthusiasm to enter the market is not high. Under the pressure of capital, some traders had to release some supply at a low price, causing local market turbulence. It is expected that the recent HDPE market will be a high consolidation market

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

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