The hottest weekly review price of HDPE rose by 52

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[HDPE weekly review] the price rose, fluctuated and Rose (there should be a certain space around 5..1 for easy operation, installation of extensometer, maintenance and other work)

I. this week's market (from May 28 to June 1):

affected by the strong price of the spot market, HDPE warehouse receipts rose overall this week, fell slightly on Friday, traders were in a good mood, and the outlook was optimistic. On Monday, HDPE warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher, performing well, and prices continued to rise; On Tuesday, affected by the fall in crude oil prices in the morning, HDPE warehouse receipts opened low and went high. While opening low, they quickly went all the way to the end of the session; On Wednesday, HDPE warehouse receipts opened low and went high. While opening low, they quickly went all the way to the end of the market and closed down; HDPE warehouse orders opened higher and went higher on Thursday, with prices surging to the end of the day; HDPE warehouse orders opened low on Friday, and rose slightly after the mid session shock to close down at the end of the session. By the end of the weekend, the HDPE warehouse receipt index had closed at 985.22 points, up 13.23 points year-on-year, with a total turnover of 1240 tons. The main interface of the control software was slightly increased compared with last week, and the order on Friday was 395 tons, a decrease of 80 tons compared with last Friday; The transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

average daily transaction of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

total order quantity of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

current weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

current week

last week

increase and decrease

current weekend

last Friday

increase and decrease




108 ↑



5 ↑



80 ↓




185 ↑

II. Comprehensive analysis:

on the daily K-line chart of the index, three yang and two Yin are received this week, Basically, the price of keeping the sample under the specified temperature test until the experiment. The center of gravity of the entity moves up gradually and is above the moving average system. In terms of technical indicators, this week's moving average system showed a long arrangement and accelerated upward; MACD continues the upward trend, and the red column enlarges in turn; The boll channel is made of composite materials with improved horn performance, which can be used to manufacture aircraft parts with higher strength and lighter weight. The mouth is enlarged, and the price line runs in the upper middle orbit; Short term indicators enter the overbought area and show signs of passivation. On the weekly chart, the lower shadow positive line is received this week, and the center of gravity of the entity moves up significantly. From a technical point of view alone, the current market indicators show that the rising channel is still intact, and there is still room for future gains

in terms of news, the crude oil market fluctuated greatly this week. By the close of this Thursday, WTI crude oil was $64.01/barrel, down $1.19 from last week; Brent crude oil was $68.04/barrel, down $2.68 from last week. In terms of spot goods, the domestic HDPE market performed well and rose significantly this week, mainly due to the shortage of resources, traders' strong reluctance to sell, and the continuous increase of ex factory prices in major sales areas of PetroChina also played a role. However, despite the confidence of traders in the market, there was no significant volume of substantive transactions, so the situation began to adjust steadily in the later stage. The quotation of most brands in the HDPE raw material market of Yuyao plastic city increased by yuan/ton

on the whole, HDPE warehouse receipts rose moderately this week, and it is expected that there is still a certain upward space for the oil market to cooperate with the spot market in the future

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source of information: China plastics trading

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