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Panjin Petrochemical week production and sales dynamics

in the context of the overall decline in the national hard rubber market, Panjin Petrochemical this week also made a corresponding adjustment to the ex factory price of its products. As ABS has been out of production for a long time, there is no inventory at present. GPPS is also temporarily out of stock. The ex factory price of hips is 6100 yuan, down 100 yuan from last week. But it is difficult to sell at this price

pp production line is used for production. Last year, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security canceled the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings (public consumption [2011]) No. 65 copolymer grade p340a, the ex factory price is 6200 yuan

the ex factory price of HDPE injection grade 5070 is 6200 yuan, and the price of LLDPE is lowered to 6000 yuan to improve the competitiveness of the industry

at present, Panjin Petrochemical still maintains normal production, but there is a certain pressure on inventory

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