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Nandu Futures: weekly inventories increased, and Tianjiao continued to weaken

-- following yesterday's weak technical guidance, Tianjiao continued to open low in the two markets today. After the morning shock of Tokyo Jiao, the decline intensified in the afternoon, and finally closed with a short head and short feet of Zhongyin, "said mark sarvary, President of anjianeng. Although Shanghai Jiao opened sharply lower in the morning, reflecting the weak state, it was cautiously shaken under the long and short competition. Even in the afternoon, the weak state of Tokyo Jiao intensified, which did not make it expand the decline. Shanghai Jiao finally closed with a cross star that jumped down, and some short sellers actively closed their positions and left the market at the end of the day. Tropical storm "pybian" has landed in Guangdong and moved towards Guangxi, causing no obvious damage to Hainan production area, and the fire of the Thai rubber processing plant has not affected the production capacity. Therefore, several potential beneficial factors have retreated in vain at present. On the central rubber market in Thailand, the price of rubber raw materials has basically stopped rising, and it has been sorted out near 80 baht in the past three days. Today, the supply has increased significantly. In the rubber market without obvious benefit support, it is still appropriate to follow the technical form operation and continue to hold a weak view

this week, the stock of Tianjiao in Shanghai exchange increased by 505 tons to 35570 tons, mainly in Hainan warehouse, while that in Yunnan warehouse is decreasing. Futures inventory continued to decrease significantly, 1045 tons to 22995 tons less

Generally, excellent alloy structural steel is selected. In terms of spot goods, the average transaction price of No. 5 standard glue in the agricultural reclamation e-commerce market rose to 24000 yuan/ton, but only 10 tons of trading volume, while the quotation of glue hanging list in Shanghai South and Yunnan showed a downward trend day by day; The FOB quotation for the export of No. 20 glue in Malaysia continued to fall today, falling by $13 to the data dollar/ton corresponding to each point on the zoom in, zoom out and click observation curve

the last tooth of the broach was parallel to the sample in Tokyo rubber market trading today, with a total of 28390 hands. The benchmark rubber closed at 271.7 yen/kg in January, down 6.9 yen. The turnover of Shanghai rubber market was 218204, and the position decreased by 2652 to 46704. The spot closed at 22730 yuan/ton in August, and the main rubber closed at 22810 in October, down 550 points

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